Jason Gibney Design Workshop

F E I T Handmade Shoes

Melbourne City

A humble shoe store in the heart of Melbourne, celebrates traditional craftsmanship and raw materials, echoing the core principles of FEIT Handmade Leather Shoes + Accessories.

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JGDW employed traditional building methods and raw materials to create an environment that speaks to the core philosophy of  FEIT.

Our approach to designing this intimate space was that of restraint and celebration. Thus ensuring the simply crafted items within to hold centre stage.

Birch plywood benches and platforms; sometimes seat, sometimes display, rest on an exposed concrete floor. Unadorned walls are skimmed with a traditional natural lime plaster, a soft muted texture in reference to the raw leather goods inside.

All storage is incorporated within the space of this small store. The rear walls of the upper level house a grid of raw metal pigeon holes, accommodating a variety of boxed and unboxed items.

Lighting is functional and understated. Unobtrusive cylinder lights peek below the ceiling line to direct the focus, whilst a Japanese washi paper lamp by Isamu Noguchi provides a warm lantern glow in the corner.

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