Jason Gibney Design Workshop

Southern Highlands

Concept work begins on a property in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Whilst walking the site taking in all the elements, I am struck by a sense of familiarity. This magnificent landscape is very much Australian, yet so reminiscent of the Irish countryside of my youth – rolling hills, sweeping views, and lush green fields.

Back at the Workshop, immersed in testing and exploring ideas and possibilities. The creative process begins to blossom and the backbone of the design starts to take shape….




In the hands of master steel craftsman Mark Williams some very ordinary raw steel flat bar has been meticulously transformed into my new handrail.

Margin for error – nil (as always). Thanks Mark – you’re a genius.



Highlights from the final stages of making the Bronte workshop and studio…

Installing western red cedar rainscreen panels on the roof; preparing 6-metre long timber panel sections for cutting; making the fabric partition to define a path from the laneway entry to the studio (through the chaos of my workshop), and cutting concrete formwork tubes into varying lengths to become planters for the entry…upcycle!

White shade fabric stretched over a cedar frame, finished with a fine steel end plate. Held in place by magnets, the lightweight panels are devised to pop out with little fuss affording some extra workshop space when needed. I loved working outside making these screens, endless sunshine highlighting any flaw in my upholstery skills – which are all the better for this exercise.

Finally in – and looking forward to welcoming clients and friends to the new workshop and studio space.