Jason Gibney Design Workshop

Storage tree

Designed as an installation piece to store and display toys, books and trophies in a shared children’s bedroom. At the tip of each ‘branch’, a small eyelet makes hanging room for small fabric bags.

Towel ladder

A fun piece to rest against wall or window, this fine towel ladder is made of Beech dowel, rubbed with a natural soap mixture to achieve a light matt protective finish. The top rung and one dowel extend beyond the risers in counterbalance, creating little hooks that playfully animate the ladder. The strength of the Beech hardwood allows a finer dowel, and an elegant silhouette.


Designed to sit beside a central courtyard window, this low daybed has a quiet unobtrusive
presence. Its thick plywood platform rests on two inset plywood ‘planks’ with a shallow cantilever that heightens the impression of its ‘levity’ with no detailing other than a simple canvas-linen cushion.

Shoe bench

Commissioned for the entry vestibule of a client’s home, this low Birch plywood bench serves as a shallow step to assist in removing or putting on shoes, with just enough space beneath to store removed shoes. The simple, heavy line of folded ply is reassuringly strong, while the clear wax finish is easily rejuvenated.

Steel coffee table, low

A functional piece for home or studio, it’s designed as a low mantle for open books or display. The fine steel rod base is inspired by the continuous loop of a bow-tie. With no visible end or connection points, its two intersecting steel cords touch the ground as corner leg supports. The original top is black steel clear-waxed, but alternate tops of timber or stone can be made.

Steel sidetable, low

Commissioned as a pair of side tables for a low timber bed, the design of this lower then usual table combines two black steel circles – one mass (the top), one void (the base), held in balance by a slender arm. The fine gauge of the steel bar and sheet is contrasted by the rawness of the wax finished black steel.